"Shigureden", the hall of Ogura Hyakunin Isshu

"Ogura Hyakunin Isshu", which is one of the most famous Japanese classical literatures.
It is said that it originated with Teika Fujiwara, who played an active role from the late Heian Era to the early Kamakura Era. He was asked by Yoritsuna (Renjo) Utsunomiya, the father of his son Tameie's wife, to choose one hundred poems to be written on the poetry cardboards, which were to be displayed in the Yoritsuna's villa in Sagano, Kyoto.
Shigureden is the only museum of Hyakunin Isshu in Japan where you can "see", "feel" and "learn" the diverse world of it.

Poet & Poem Search

Permanent exhibition room

Explore the world of Hyakunin Isshu

At the entrance, Oguya-yama dimly visible in the river mist appears on the glass folding screen, which invites you into the world of subtle and beauty.
You can enjoy the variety of enchantments of Hyakunin Isshu through the valuable relevant materials like karuta, the dolls of the master poets which are precisely reproduced, the dioramas which remind you of the sceneries of the poems, etc.

Dolls of the master poets ~Full array of the 100 poets~

It is a wonderful meeting with the 100 dolls of the master poets precisely reproduced based on kasen-e, the portraits with the poem.
In the explanation panels, the monuments inscribed with the poems and the referred kasen-e are introduced, as well as the interpretation of the poems and the poets' profiles.

Yumebutai (Dream stage) ~Sceneries of the poems are splendidly reproduced~

The poems of Hyakunin Isshu are based on the background of the aristocratic cultures and manners of Heian Era.
At Yumebutai, the costumes, furniture and life manners which represent the times when the poems were made are elaborately reproduced at the size of one-fourth, by which you can explore their times.

All talents of the era competing again one another ~Find the poem of the day~

The one hundred poems engraved in titan panels are displayed around the permanent exhibition rooms, together with commentaries.

Planned exhibition room

It is a place for planned exhibition related to Hyakunin Isshu, highly-prized articles of the shrines and temples in Sagano and Arashiyama area, etc.

Try on the Costume of Heian Era

Time travel to Heian Era

In the large room with 120-mat tatami on the second floor which commands the panoramic view of Arashiyama and Hozugawa, you can dress yourself in Heian costume and take a souvenir photo (Free of charge).
You can make stickers from the favorite photos (Pay service).
*The service may not be available due to certain reasons.

Transmission of touristic information

We transmit the tourist information of Arashiyama and Sagano.

Pieces of touristic information of the surrounding area of Shigureden are provided, such as the tour to the 100 monuments inscribed with the poems set up around Arashiyama and Sagano area where Shigureden is located, as well as the places related to the poets.

Visiting information

Open through
10 am to 5 pm (Last admission: 4:30 pm)
Closed on
Monday (In the case where it falls upon holiday, it is closed on the following weekday), the year-end to New Year season
500 yen for high school students and adults (400 yen for groups of at least 20 people)
300 yen for elementary and junior-high school students (250 yen for groups of at least 20 people)
*People with a physical disability handbook and such can enter for free upon presenting it (The same applies to the care givers).


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